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Pulley Cable Attachment System

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  • Providing great versatility for your home gyms, personal training studios, physical therapy centres and various workout environments.
  • Capable of supporting up to 220lb with the steel loading pin and chain, beneficial for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees.
  • Compact and inexpensive, a true money efficient and space-saving solution to your home gyms.The rotating pulley is extremely smooth which could be great for crossover.
  • HIGH LOADING PIN WEIGHT CAPACITY: Capable of supporting up to an amazing 100kg of weight with the loading strap, great for both intermediate and advanced users alike. You will feel extra safe while working out with as many weights as you can
  • MULTI-USAGE: Gourd buckle design gives you a wide variety of options in how you want to train, and what specific cable exercises you can incorporate with the sets of tools available.