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Elastic flat resistance bands are the perfect fitness gear for staying fit at home and keeping up with your training in your home gym. Our light resistance bands are an effective and gentle equipment for Yoga, Pilates, Physio or simply to just stretch and strengthen muscles. Equally suitable for light, medium, and heavy resistance workouts to tone muscles. Custom made for all types of physical therapies and rehabilitating of torn rotator cuffs, bad elbows, and damaged knees.

Our set of stretch bands for exercise are made up of three training bands in uniform thickness of 0.35mm, 0.45mm and 0.55mm and providing a resistance of 10lbs, 15lbs and 20lbs respectively. The set of 3 fitness bands are color-coded to indicate resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. Over time as your endurance increases and demands added strength and flexibility, our versatile 1500mm therapy bands with 150mm width, adapt to your needs and live up to your expectations without snapping or losing shape. Made of non-toxic TPE, that is non pungent and offers superior elasticity and longer life, these flat resistance bands are perfect for multiple exercise routines like yoga, stretching, muscle strengthening and physical rehabilitation. Available in sets of vibrant colors with portable carry pouch for easy mobility and safe storage.

Non-Toxic, Non-Slip and Latex Free- Made of premium quality TPE, which is not only non-toxic and latex free, but is odourless and maintains shape and elasticity far longer than any other band. The stretch band’s non-slip and expansive friction surface makes this set of exercise resistance bands an essential addition to any home gym. Perfect gym equipment for anyone with latex allergies needing hypoallergenic elastic bands.

  • Versatile Functionality- Perfect for men, women of all ages for ballet, Pilates, physio, physical rehabilitation & therapy or yoga. Made to exercise muscles of the legs, arms, back, ankles, buttocks or shoulders. Fully adaptable with the increasing endurance and strength of any exercise or rehabilitation therapy of your choice.
  • Different Level of Resistance- The flat resistance band set has 3 bands of different resistance levels, in uniform thickness of 0.35mm, 0.45mm and 0.55mm and providing a resistance of equivalent weights in 10lbs, 15lbs and 20lbs respectively, so you don’t have to buy individual bands as your own level of strength and endurance increases. Switch between color-coded bands of different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy.
  • Home Gym Essential- Stretching is an important part of preparing the body for an invigorating workout session, whether you do it in your home gym or out and about. Our flat resistance band set with 3 bands of varying resistance levels will provide resistance as well as assistance. The band helps stretch and strengthen isolated areas while allowing other parts of the body to relax. Just wrap the band around your feet for a great hamstring stretch, or extend overhead to stretch and release the knots in your shoulder muscles after a stressful day. Equally beneficial to loosen tight chest muscles, and much more.
  • Easy to Carry- The band set is light and portable, so whether you choose to workout in your home gym, office, or outdoors, simply place your fitness resistance band set in your pocket or gym kit and you are good to go. Each band measures 1500mm in length with 150mm width so you can easily roll up and store in their carry pouch for safe keeping and mobility. Available in sets of multiple vibrant colors with an exercise manual to set you off to a good start from the get go.