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RDX Weight Lifting Belt for Powerlifting - Approved by IPL and USPA - Lever Buckle Gym Training Leather Belt 10mm Thick 4 inch Lumbar Back Support-Great for Strongman, Bodybuilding, Deadlifts & Squat

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RDX weight lifting belt is a class apart. 4 inches Weight Lifting Belt ensures provides adequate lumbar support and supports your back muscles against the stress. Designed for men and women alike, go for dead lifts, squats, power lifting, dead lifts, or clean and jerks with full affirmation. Fitness Workout Belts are designed to greatly enhance your workout routine. Whether you prefer to carry out your fitness building in a gym or the comforts of your home the Lumbar Back Support will be a permanent fixture in your exercise routine. Back brace is engineered to long last and protects you against back stress.



  • Cow hide leather weight lifting belt.
  • Ideal for squats, crouches, powerlifting, dead lifts, or clean and jerks.
  • 4 inches wide fitness belt designed for both men and women.
  • Contoured Back Support.
  • Fitness belt with Lever clasp closure.
  • Back brace having dual stitching.
  • Powerlifting belt with Suede lining.
  • Dynamic Size range.

  • Cowhide leather- provides unprecedented durability to the weight lifting belt. Go for dead lifts, power lifting, squats and many other exercises.
  • Suede lining- 4 inches lumbar back support possesses suede lining for much needed grip and stability.
  • Lumbar support belt- allows seamless training and workout, the curved design is designed to wrap around your waist perfectly.
  • 5 precision holes- gives the perfect fit irrespective of your waist circumference which prevents digging of the belt on your sides.
  • Dual Stitching- makes this Fitness Workout Belt resilient to tough workout sessions and makes the belt look sharper on the eye.