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Pivot Fitness

Reverse Hyper Extension 678RH

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With the Pivot Fitness 678RH you can perform the Reverse Hyper Extension: an exercise that effectively works the hamstrings and glutes and also stretch and strengthen the lower back. You can use the device for rehabilitation, but also for improvement of your endurance and strength training. You can use Olympic weight plates to make the exercise more difficult to use.

  • Large, sloping cushion for optimal comfort during training
  • Multiple handles for different users with different heights
  • Bars on which you can place Olympic discs as a counterweight
  • Comes with straps and a set of fasteners
  • Rubber caps to protect the floor
Below is a selection of some exercises that you can perform:
Front raise
Leg curl
Leg extension
Lat pulldown
Chest Press
Biceps Curl
Low row
Side raise
Shoulder press
Abdominal Crunch
Upright row
Tricep Push down
72 kg
135x101x123 cm