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Skull Kettlebells

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Skull Kettlebells are the perfect partner to take your workout to the next level. Train with our solid kettlebells to build explosive power, muscular endurance, and core strength!

Featuring a skull on the front, and a rounded side on the back, for optimum comfort during exercises such as cleans and snatch. The weight is distributed consistently through the kettlebell to provide even balance at the handle points. The precise handle diameter means it can be used with one hand or two, for a large variety of exercises.

Our Skull Kettlebells are professional grade and built to withstand the most gruelling workout. The wide, ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and safe grip so you can train with confidence, whilst the flat base prevents rolling and makes them easy to store. The weight of the kettlebell is engraved on the back, and they feature colour coded handles


Available in the following sizes 

10/12/16/20/24 kg