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Soft Plyo Box 3 in 1 Heavy Duty 31 kg

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The Gymless Heavy Duty 3in 1 Soft Plyo Box Box features durable construction and protective padding, with the added 3-in-1 versatility of our original wooden Box.

Sold individually, each 68 LB jump box features an ultra-dense foam core with softer foam on all six sides—making them firm and secure enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough that you won’t tear up your shins on the edges if you misstep. The box can be quickly positioned at three different height settings—20”, 24”, and 30”—and an 18oz vinyl is included with printed indications of which height you’re jumping at.

By removing much of the fear factor and injury risks from high-intensity box jumps, and by allowing multiple athletes to set their own preferred height, the Gymless Heavy Duty 3in 1 Soft Plyo Box Box offers huge benefits for any size training facility.

IMPORTANT: Foam Plyo boxes should NOT be used on any smooth flooring (wood, smooth concrete, tile, etc).


Dense Foam Core with soft foam padding on all 6 sides
Jump Height Options: 20”, 24”, 30” (50.8cm, 61cm, 76.2cm)
Weight: 68 lbs (31 kg)
18 oz Vinyl Cover with height increment markings
Color: Black with White print


Please note, this is Heavy Duty item suitable for commercial gym use.