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Strongman Throwing Sandbag

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This bag has to,- and definitely can handle a lot. To ensure a maximal durability, a fabric that is usually used in the military for bags and clothing comes into play here. So dropping from it from various heights will not harm this bag. We took the 1050D Military Grade Nylon Cordura for the inner and outer body of the throwing bag, while the handles are enforced with a flexible tube for good grip and handling. To keep this strong(wo)man equipment tear-resistant, the seams are quadruple stitched with bonded Nylon threads

This throwing bag is not exclusive for Strongman/Strongwoman training. If you work out with kettlebells, perform goblet squats, Turkish get-ups, snatch, clean and press or rows, to name just a few, you can do them with this sandbag and add some variation to your specific training routines. Because of its handy dimensions, it is suitable not only for commercial gyms, but also for smaller spaces and home gyms.


The most common filling is simple coarse grained sand, but you can fill it with whatever you have at hand. The built-in funnel makes it easy to fill and empty the throwing bag. Once the desired weight or amount of filling is inside, the bag is closed with a three-step system: first, you seal the funnel with the Velcro, fold it down and stuff it back into the sandbag, 2nd, you close it with the quality grade YKK Zip and lastly, the super strong Velcro strap on the outside is used to secure all of it in.

Made in 100% nylon 1050D cordura.
• Water resistant and machine washable.
• Double stitched reinforced seams.
• Heavy duty YKK zipper and Velcro flap closure.
• Filler Capacity : 15/25/35 Kg
• Built In Filler Bag.
• Recommended use on rubber or nonabrasive surface.
• Strongman training tools for athletes of any experience level.

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