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TPE exercise mat (Extra thick)100 x 50 x1.5 cm

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TPE exercise mat 100 x 50 x1.5 cm with eylets 


The yoga mat is made of high-quality TPE material, a flexible material that can be stretched repeatedly, and has excellent durability. Environmentally-friendly, odorless, healthy and recyclable materials. TPE pads do not have the strong residual odor as other pads.


15mm thickness can provide the best level of cushioning and protection for the joints and knees, at the same time It still allows you to hold on to the floor to keep your balance. Protect the safety of yoga lovers.


Because of the thickness of 15mm, TPE material, environmental protection, health, better isolation of moisture and dust on the ground, it can be used as a rest mat, can be used for outdoor, indoor, outdoor, mountaineering, travel, dinner, etc., The weight is only 1kg, light and easy to carry


 The yoga mat can prevent sweat and odor from entering. Easy to wipe clean.