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Walkthrough Olympic Trap Bar

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Increase your training possibilities compared to other Trap Bars on the market! The Walkthrough Trap Bar has an innovative, counterbalanced open design, to allow for a diverse range of exercises such as lunges and carries, without hindering any lifting.

Ergonomic Lifting Handles
Low and high rotating lifting handles are machined with medium knurling and positioned explicitly for ease, balance and stability during all lifts.


Built-In Bar Jack
Do you struggle or get frustrated trying to load and unload plates on regular Trap Bars? The Walkthrough Trap Bar is effortless and straightforward. Simply transition the Trap Bar from the lifting position to the standing position using the transition handle.


  Assembled Dimensions: 37cm (L) x 174cm (W) x 25cm (H)

  • Unit Assembled Weight: 30kg
  • Weight Capacity: 300kgs
  • Sleeve Length: 325mm