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Wall Mounted Rigs

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1 Bay Wall Mounted Rig

Heavy Duty 60x60x2 mm Frame Construction

Great Space Saver For Endless Exercise Options

Excellent For Cross-Fit Areas And Commercial Gyms

27 mm holes with 50 mm hole spacing , J hooks are included

Rig needs to be bolted to both the wall and the floor 

Rig 1   H 220 Cm  W 123 cm  D 52 cm  

Rig 2   H 220 Cm  W 123 cm  D 82 cm


Attachments available  

J- Hooks

Spotter Arms

Dip Station


Plate Holders

Foam Roller /Bulgarian Split Squat

Rig Mounted GHD  ( Glute Ham Developer)

Jammer Arms