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Weight Loading Pin

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Available in Yellow, Silver, Blue 

Package Include
1 x Weight Loading Pin

-Material:Aluminum Weight Stack Pin
-Secure magnetic tape designed for added stability, and maintain Fitness Pulley Accessories.
-Made of aluminum materials, it is not easy to deform and not easy to wear during use Aluminum Magnetic Bolt.
-Professional fitness accessories, the pull rope is designed to be comfortable and easy to grip Barbell Slice Bar.
-Suitable for bodybuilding and strength training in home and gym, or other places in need Barbell Slice Rod.
-You can prepare the weight loading pin to be a thoughtful gift for your families who is fond of fitness Gym Equipment Accessory.

Goods Information
Weight Stack is the best choice for you.Pulley Cable Machine Attachment Are you looking for a professional, yet affordable weight loading pin? Are you in search of a sturdy, trustworthy barbell weight loading pin for home use? If yes, look no further! Our professional barbell weight loading pin must meet your need

Features & details

  • Load tray-- though this fitness loading pin is simple , it's so practical when you use it.
  • Loading pin-- the whole rod body is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry.
  • Aluminum weight tray-- perfect for various warm-ups sports and strength workouts like arms, shoulder or back training.
  • Barbell bracket-- the rod is a good tool to build your muscle, the magnetic design of the weight plates ensures that they won't come loose during your workout.
  • Fitness equipment accessories-- this loading pin is made of aluminum materials for long time and durable use.